Mary Lybarger

Director of Religious Education




Kirsten Eckert-Smith

Congregational Administrator

Gary Amstutz

Music Director





Board of Trustees

2016 Board of Trustees

2016 Board of Trustees

(back row: Lisa Johnson, Hope Sheehan, Michael Barone, Toni Kring, Danny Swim   front row: Dawn Pepper, Terry Mihlbauer, Edith Helbert)

Lisa Johnson, Congregational President


Lisa has been involved in this congregation for 30 years and a member for 15. She has been a Realtor for 17 years. She has held various positions at UUCFW including co-chair of Religious Education, chair of the Annual Pledge Drive, chair of the Annual UU Dinner-Auction fundraiser, and she has served on the Membership Committee.


Danny Swim, President-Elect of the Congregation


Danny has been a UUCFW member for six years. He filled in for a vacant Board Alternate slot last year and stayed on the Board in the same capacity last year. He has also been the Co-Chair of the Buildings and Grounds committee for almost six years. He is a stay-at-home Dad that also raises chickens, enjoys gardening, and woodworking.


Terry Mihlbauer, Secretary


Terry has been a member of this congregation for 14 years. She is a psychologist practicing at a local nonprofit counseling agency. She has been a member of various committees: Personnel Committee, Committee on Ministry, Adult Religious Education, as well as being on the Mission Task Force and ushering.


Michael Barone, Treasurer


Mike has been a member of UUCFW for 2 years. He is a retired Mechanical Engineer, having spent 40 years in the design, development and marketing of electric motors. He now spends his time hanging with his wife/best friend, walking his dog, learning to play the guitar and messing around in his shop


Toni Kring, Trustee-at-large

Dawn Pepper, Trustee-at-large


Dawn has attended the Unitarian Church for several years both here and in Muncie; she has been a member here for 4 years.  She enjoys reading, knitting, old movies, and being on a hospitality team.


Hope Sheehan, Trustee-at-large

Edith Helbert, Board Alternate and Buildings and Grounds Co-Chair


Edith has been a member of this congregation since 2011.  A librarian at Allen County Public Library for 16 years, she has served as a youth mentor and teacher for adult religious education and as a member of the Building & Grounds committee.  Currently, Edith coordinates Hospitality/Coffee Hour as part of the Membership committee and teaches 4th-7th grade religious education.




Committee Chairpersons


Greg Kroemer, Worship Committee Chairperson
Beth Jamieson, Membership Committee Chairperson
John Kirchner and Zac Thorn, Buildings and Grounds Co-Chairs
Jim Reeder, Building and Grounds Co-Chairperson
Cathie Rowand, Gallery Committee Chairperson
Greg Johnson, Finance Committee Chairperson
Marsha Wallace, Nominating Committee Chairperson
Judy Wertenberger, Endowment Committee Chairperson
Jean Phillips, Committee on Shared Ministry Co-Chairperson
Rebecca Reeder, Committee on Shared Ministry Co-Chairperson


An organizational chart showing all committees and describing how they function can be found here.


For more information on each committee, including responsibilities and activities, see the Committee Handbook.