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The nursery provides infants and toddlers through age 3 with a caring atmosphere in which to be creative, to hear stories, to play together, to just look around, or even sleep.  Care from paid staff members is provided from 10:15 until after service.


Class programming for 2017-2018 year:

Pre-K and Kindergarten: With Chalice Children, songs, stories, and experiences affirm young children in their spiritual growth, creativity, and connection to their Unitarian Universalist congregation.

Elementary: In Spirit of Adventure, UU identity is taught through teachable moments such as dissecting a computer, building cantilevered architecture using graham crackers, interviewing a sports coach, and circus arts – to name a few.

Middle School: The Lodestone Year will magnetize middle schoolers with games, food activities, skits, science experiments, as well as arts and crafts.  This brand new curriculum dives into tough topics with units on money, death, and race.

Children’s Chapel is a time to explore the congregational monthly theme in the UU Sunday morning liturgy familiar from the “big sanctuary” – just for kids.  Theme-based ministry weaves a central thread throughout all church programming, bridging generations, and expanding faith formation beyond Sunday morning.

All-ages worship services are planned sever times per year.  Created to be intentionally inclusive for various abilities and learning styles, these are Sundays nobody wants to miss.




Parents and guardians are required to complete a registration form for children and youth. The registration form is available online, from the Director of Religious Education, and on the RE clipboard at the Welcome Table.