Kirsten Eckert-Smith

Congregational Administrator

Gary Amstutz

Music Director





Board of Trustees

2018 Board of Trustees


2018 Board of Trustees (back row: Rebecca Reeder, President, Murial Downey, Trustee-at-Large, Beverly Turnquist, Treasurer, Hope Sheehan, Trustee-at-Large; front row: Evan Davis, Vice President, Sam Eby, Trustee-at-Large, Danny Swim, Secretary)

Rebecca Reeder, Congregational President

Rebecca Reeder has been a member for more than 20 years and is serving for the third time on  the Board of Trustees. This is the second time she has served as President of the Congregation. Rebecca is also a Worship Associate, helps regularly with the grounds and gardens, and has served as chair of the Auction, The Garden Party, and Adult Faith Formation. Rebecca is a retired teacher currently working from home for an education not for profit organization that focuses on civic education.

Evan Davis, Congregational President-Elect (Vice President)

Evan Davis, our 2018 vice president, is a former journalist and now a librarian as well as the father of three, the grandfather of two, and the husband of one. He has served two previous terms on the board and chaired the Religious Education Committee, the Membership Committee and two ministerial search committees. He plays board games every chance he gets, although he he will try to be very serious on this board.

Danny Swim, Secretary

Danny has been a UUCFW member for nine years. He filled in for a vacant Board Alternate slot and has served as President-Elect (Vice President), President, and now Secretary.  He has also been the Co-Chair of the Buildings and Grounds committee for almost six years. He is a stay-at-home Dad that also raises chickens, enjoys gardening, and woodworking.

Beverly Turnquist, Treasurer



Muriel Downey, Trustee-at-large

Muriel became a Unitarian in St. Cloud, Minnesota in 1966 and transplanted to UUCFW In 1980.  Over the years she has participated and assisted in numerous activities and programs.  Currently, she is serving the second year of a two year term on the Board of Trustees.  On the personal side, Muriel is a retired educator, mom, grandma and community volunteer with several organizations serving seniors and/or those with challenging life needs.

Sam Eby, Trustee-at-large


Hope Sheehan, Trustee-at-large

Beverly Brown, Alternate




Committee Chairpersons

Dodi Gunawardhana, Worship Committee Chairperson
Tomm Triplett, Membership Committee Coordinator
John Kirchner, Buildings and Grounds Co-Chair
Jim Reeder, Building and Grounds Co-Chair
Cathie Rowand, Gallery Team Chairperson
Mike Gugel, Finance Committee Chairperson
Colleen Carpenter, Nominating Committee Chairperson
Rachel McNett, Endowment Committee Chairperson
Jean Phillips, Committee on Shared Ministry Chairperson


An organizational chart showing all committees and describing how they function can be found here.


For more information on each committee, including responsibilities and activities, see the Committee Handbook.