Leadership and Staff

Lauren Moses

Congregational Administrator

Our 2021 Board of Trustees is comprised of:

Nastasia Snaden, congregational president; Chuck Wolfe, vice president, Marsha Wallace, secretary; Chris Tennant, treasurer; Dodi Gunawardhana, immediate past president, John Moore and Judy Wertenberger, Board members-at-large; Teri Swim, alternate. 

Dodi Gunawardhana
I was raised a United Methodist and saw my dad be a lay leader for many years. He was always the last to leave the church and we joked that he had to “lock up” (we didn’t lock the church back then, that’s why it was a joke). While I can’t claim to be as hard of a worker as he was, I did learn from him the joy of service and of having a place to call home.

I left the church in early adulthood, but kept coming across the name of UU, and every time I walked by, I thought “that’s such a cool space, I bet there are really cool people inside”. And I was right! I knew I had found my spiritual home as soon as I walked in, and I have been a member since 2013.

I have served in the Elementary Classroom and as Worship Committee Chair. I love to sing in the choir with my husband, Mike Gugel, and occasionally we talk our son Zen into singing with us.

John Moore

As a member of what retired Episcopal Bishop Spong called “the church alumni association,” I became a Unitarian Universalist in Manassas, Virginia after my early Christian sojourns as an Episcopalian and member of the United Church of Christ.  I joined the local UU congregation in Fort Wayne in 2005.  Here, I have helped our congregation become recognized as a welcoming place for freethinkers, humanists, and others of good will who don’t need gods or other supernatural beings to do good.  

Committee Chairpersons
Jessica Marquart, Worship Committee chairperson
Danny Swim, Buildings and Grounds co-chair
Jim Reeder, Building and Grounds co-chair
Cathie Rowand, Gallery Team chairperson
Andy Candor, Finance Committee chairperson
Lisa Esquivel Long, Nominating Committee chairperson
Rachel Blakeman, Endowment Committee chairperson

An organizational chart showing all committees and describing how they function can be found here.

For more information on each committee, including responsibilities and activities, see the Committee Handbook.