Kirsten Eckert-Smith

Congregational Administrator

Board of Trustees

2019 Board of Trustees

Evan Davis, President; Dee Koehl, Vice President; Sam Eby, Secretary;
Beverly Turnquist, Treasurer

Board Members-at-Large: Jackie Moore, Rebecca Reeder, Chris Tennant, and Taylor Crane, Alternate

Evan Davis, Congregational President

Evan Davis is a former journalist and now a librarian as well as the father of three, the grandfather of two, and the husband of one. He has served two previous terms on the board and chaired the Religious Education Committee, the Membership Committee and two ministerial search committees. He plays board games every chance he gets, although he he will try to be very serious on this board.

Dee Koehl, Congregational President-Elect (Vice President)

Dee Koehl, new Vice President of the Board for 2019, has been a member of UUCFW since 1987. She is a former Speech Pathologist who worked for 40 yrs in Long Term Care and recently retired. She is married to Fred Williams and between them they have 6 children and 8 grandchildren.Dee was  involved for 20 yrs. in our Youth RE as a teacher, Committee Chair and volunteer director. She has also been involved in the choir, Music committee, annual canvas, BOT (prior), Ministerial Search, Nominating Committee, Committee on Ministry, Auction and various individual programs within this congregation.  She considers herself a worker bee and not very good as a leader but hopes with the guidance of the Minister and experienced Members of the Board, she will be able to rise to the challenge. Music and family are her passions and she puts them both together whenever she can get a group of them out to sing Karaoke.

Sam Eby, Secretary

Katrina and I are the opposite of “cradle” UU’s.  We began to attend in 2014 and joined in 2015.

We spent our childhoods in fundamentalist families and quickly fell away from what we both perceived to be narrow and judgmental belief systems that just never felt right.  We knew from almost the first service we attended that we were UUs but didn’t know what it was called.  Now several years later we remain very comfortable in a community of like-minded persons dedicated to acceptance and justice.

We (Katrina attends meetings with me as a guest and augments my note taking skills) are serving the second year on the Board of Trustees—this year as secretary.  It is enlightening and humbling to see the dedication of fellow board members and eye opening to see, “How the sausage is made.”  No decision is made without thoughtful and sometimes difficult discussion.

We are honored to be members of this congregation and to serve on the Board.

Beverly Turnquist, Treasurer


Rebecca Reeder, Trustee-at-large

Rebecca Reeder, past President, has been a member of UUCFW for more than 20 years. After retiring from 27 years in the classroom as an elementary teacher, Rebecca has worked in education consulting with the Embassy Theatre, the Indiana Bar Foundation, the Center for Civic Education, and taught Social Studies methods at IPFW. She enjoys gardening, reading, walking, and traveling. She and her husband, Jim, are grateful to have time to volunteer for the congregation. They have two grown sons with families, all UUs.

Jacqueline Moore, Trustee-at-large

Chris Tennant, Trustee-at-large

Taylor Crane, Alternate

Taylor has been a member of the UUCFW for four years. He has served as a youth ambassador for the United Way consulting with numerous agencies working with youth in both CHINS (Children In Need of Services) Cases and within juvenile probation. He was a member of a special panel for the Indiana Department of Child Services that helped create the Indiana Bill of Rights for Youth in Foster Care. He served on a panel and provided input and structure on SB0497, which expanded Medicaid for aged-out foster youth in 2017. Taylor was a member of a developmental committee for The Courtyard, an independent living community for aged-out foster youth or youth at risk of becoming homeless. He attended IPFW for a short period and spends his free time preparing to return to college to get a degree in pre-law in his journey to become an attorney.

Committee Chairpersons

Marsha Wallace, Worship Committee Chairperson
John Kirchner, Buildings and Grounds Co-Chair
Jim Reeder, Building and Grounds Co-Chair
Cathie Rowand, Gallery Team Chairperson
Mike Gugel, Finance Committee Chairperson
Edith Helbert, Nominating Committee Chairperson
Patty Davis, Endowment Committee Chairperson
TBD, Committee on Shared Ministry Chairperson

An organizational chart showing all committees and describing how they function can be found here.

For more information on each committee, including responsibilities and activities, see the Committee Handbook.