— from Samuel Eby, member Board of Trustees

My wife, Katrina, and I were pleasantly surprised when Rebecca Reeder called last summer to ask if I would take on the role of an alternate on the board. The short version is that I did, followed by Jim Reeder calling to ask if I’d serve as an at-large trustee starting in 2018.

We came to Unitarian Universalism later than most. We first attended in 2014, went to Pathways to Membership education, met with Misty-Dawn, and signed the book within a few months. We’re normally deliberative when making a commitment – but in this case we were certain we had found our spiritual home.

Our backgrounds were nearly identical. We were reared in fundamentalist churches. I was uncomfortable with the dogma and the conservative social “values”. As soon as I was able, I stopped attending. Katrina had a similar experience. That was a very long time ago. What followed was a long period of trying on different spiritual hats. Katrina went so far to become ordained in The Brigade of Light, which is similar to UU in beliefs, but so small that it was ineffectual in a small Midwestern city. I was sure I was agnostic (come to think of it, I still am), but tried to fit in with the Episcopalians. I event tried contemplative Christianity and Far Eastern cosmologies, but nothing seemed to grasp me enough that I wanted to make it my creed.

Our initial impression of UUCFW was that here was finally a diverse, non-judgmental group of people who shared our values – open to whatever path to God or enlightenment worked for any given person, committed to the belief that humans are inherently good and striving for social justice.

To be candid, our professions, Katrina teaches nursing at IPFW and I still practice medicine, makes our participation in many church activities challenging, but we’re committed to finding our niche and making a meaningful contribution to a congregation where we feel welcome.

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