Covid-19 Policies

UUCFW Guidelines for In-person Worship

The Covid Response Task Force thanks everyone who has attended Sunday services since Oct. 24 for their cooperation and support as we seek the sweet spot for reuniting our community in our building while maintaining public health safety.

Worship services are being held indoors in the sanctuary, with a live TV feed into the social hall for overflow seating.

Because we are doing Covid contact tracing and want to make sure we have enough distance between attendees, you will need to register to physically attend. Attendance will require wearing a mask. Here is a registration link.

When the task force is notified that someone who attended a UUCFW event in the past 10 days has tested positive for COVID-19, a task force member will notify all others who attended that an attendee tested positive, without identifying that attendee. The staff member or member of the task force who is contacted by the person who tested positive shall ask the person for permission to notify anyone who was seated near the person or with whom the person spent more than five minutes in conversation at the event. If permission is granted, the notification will be made in a manner that does not identify who the infected person is.

If you have tested positive, please do not take part in person in a congregational event before going at least a week without symptoms.

The service also will be available via Zoom. Follow us on Facebook or send an email to the office if you would like to receive our weekly updates and Zoom invites. Or, you can use the link below.

(link to our Sunday morning Zoom Worship service)

  • The task force has used the most current data from CDC, the Indiana DOH, the Allen County Board of Health and our own congregation to determine policies. If data indicate improvement or decline, the task force will modify policy, notify event organizers, and recommend within a reasonable time frame that adjustments or cancelations be made.
  • Air-handling equipment has been upgraded as much as possible.
  • Ceiling fans will run during all services and events.
  • In every room with windows, some windows will be opened to allow for fresh air circulation.
  • There will be no group singing.
  • Religious education classes will operate in the largest rooms possible and will open windows and leave classroom doors open to the hallway.
  • All children and adults will be masked at all times.
  • Special air purifiers will be used in the nursery where there is no window.
  • All participants will sign in prior to the worship service to allow planning for adequate seating and for contact tracing purposes. 
  • All participants will be required to wear masks appropriately. The minister and worship team may remove masks to speak when there is adequate room between speakers and the congregants.
  • Seats will be arranged to allow adequate space between family groups.
  • All staff and volunteers that work directly with children must be vaccinated.
  • All paid staff must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 by December 1, 2021, or by date of hire after if 12/1/2021.
  • All attendees who are eligible are expected to have been vaccinated for Covid-19.
  • When weather permits, socializing after the service should be in the outside spaces.
  • Attendees are expected to honor the system of personal preferences for close conversation indicated by our nametag sticky dots.
  • For socializing in outsides spaces only, masks may be removed by mutual consent of all involved in the conversation.


This document applies to all indoor activities conducted by UUCFW. If a UU group has a plan for an event that does not meet these expectations, that group can submit a detailed description of the event to the Covid Response Task Force for consideration, including the justification for the need for an exception to this policy.

Small Group Meetings

The Covid-19 pandemic remaiins a serious public health challenge. The following guidelines are offered to encourage a return to face-to-face meetings when desired by our congregants, within a protected environment. It is strongly recommended that participants in UUCFW functions also will observe these safety guidelines as closely as possible when meeting indoors in buildings other than our meetinghouse. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Meetings for more than six people must be held in the social hall.

The choir room may be used for groups of six or fewer.

Choir Room

  • All participants in meetings held in the choir room must remain masked.
  • Six-foot distances must be maintained.

Social Hall

  • In the social hall, groups of 14 or fewer may choose to remove masks but the six-foot distance must be maintained.
  • Groups of 15 or larger must remain masked and maintain the six-foot distance.

All Events

  • Ceiling fans will run during all events.
  • Windows will be opened to allow for fresh air circulation. Green dots indicate the windows to be opened in the social hall.
    • The organizer of the event will open and close the windows following the meeting.
  • All participants will sign in for contact tracing purposes. 
    • The organizer of the event will record names and save the list for at least 10 days.
    • If an attendee tests positive after the event, the organizer or that attendee should contact Evan Davis and share the list of attendees.
  • Seats and tables must be arranged by the organizer prior to the event to allow adequate distancing.
  • All attendees who are eligible are expected to have been vaccinated for Covid-19.
  • Attendees are expected to honor the system of personal preferences for close conversation indicated by our nametag sticky dots.
  • Where masking is required, it is understood that in conversational settings – as opposed to Sunday services — individuals may bring their own beverages and briefly use them while otherwise remaining masked.