“Welcome back!” “It’s good to see you.” “How was your summer?” Upon my return from my July vacation, I was welcomed by these sentiments. It is my hope that those of you returning to begin our new season of church in this month of September will be welcomed by the warmth of our spiritual community. At our core, Unitarian Universalists are ‘keepers of thy flame.’ Thy flame of our chalice, symbol of our faith tradition, was created to give safe passage to refugees escaping the atrocities of World War II. It is thy flame of divine light, residing in all living beings, and thy flame of passion for equity and freedom. When we affirm and promote thy light of covenantal spiritual community we discover others who wish to commit themselves to the promise to walk together. This is one of the many meanings of being a community of covenant.

As we begin this season of church, may we express our joy in seeing one another and pause to remember the beauty of being seen. The promise to walk together cannot be fulfilled if we remain unseen; we must come together around thy
flame of commitment and spiritual community to see and be seen.

Excited to see all of you and be seen to explore together this month’s theme of Covenant.

See you in church ~Rev. Misty-Dawn

© 2015 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fort Wayne