Our Annual Pledge Drive for this year has posed the question: Y R U UU?

I arrived at a Unitarian Universalist church in search.

In search of:

a religious home where my beloved Jenna and I would have the opportunity to bless our love with a ceremony grounded in the responsibilities of marriage surrounded by friends and family. Friends and family who saw we had the deep connection, companionship, and commitment of a love that would not let us go, nor would it wait for a blessing of legal marriage;

a church that would tell me my commitment to a woman was a blessing in the eyes of God; and that I too was a child of the divine, whole and beautiful in the midst of feeling broken and ashamed;

a church that would affirm my idea of God as a tree; and that talking to, hugging, and laying on the earth beneath the trees was a sacred practice of prayer;

a church that would equip me to speak of my faith with a language of reverence that came from the variety of Christian, theist, naturalist, feminist, and queer values and philosophies I had come to rely on;

a church that would invite me to serve my community, both those I knew and those I did not yet know.

I found the church and it found me.

It is the Unitarian Universalist church.

It is where people:

covenant to embody the spirit of love, hope, and peace while walking together on their spiritual journeys;

who gather in buildings they own, they rent, or they share with multiple faith traditions;

who serve on the streets, in the food pantry, at the nursing home, and in the church;

who encourage each other to be bold in living our faith.

It is the experience of whole church:

where faith formation is experienced in worship, in age groups that huddle and then come together to mingle;

where mingling of all creates an exchange like no other, for it is grounded in mutual respect and kindness.

It is a church:

fueled by a Love which is with us and will not let us go, no matter what;

remembering its history, recognizing its systems of oppression and of white supremacy, and working towards reconciliation;

with rich roots in Christian and Jewish traditions, and branches that span a variety of wisdom sources, that affirms religious pluralism and makes mistakes in its praxis.

I am Unitarian Universalist because this is the religious movement that will affirm my marriage, my identity, my family, my God, and my call to serve.

May we each pause to deepen our understanding of how our UU faith affirms and nourishes us.

See you in church ~Rev. Misty-Dawn

© 2015 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fort Wayne