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Preschool/Elementary Class News:
January has five Sundays which will result in some changes for this month only. Class will be held on the second and fourth Sundays, January 9 and 23, but will return to the first and third Sundays in February.

Our theme for January is “Living with Intention” which for our children can be thought of “We Care and Want to Be Kind.” We will talk about the skills and actions that are important to social change in our times.

January 2: Special intergenerational service that also includes the children leaving service to do a related project in the classroom and then returning before service is over. Melody Ellert and Ray Hapner will assist the children with their projects.

January 9: Theme will be “Empathy,” a skill needed for social change, and will feature the story “New Shoes” by Susan Lynn Meyer.

January 23: Planned theme is “Persistence,” which is the fuel for action when working for social change, and will feature the story “The Little Engine That Could” by Watty Piper. Many adults remember and loved this story as children.

It’s never too late to register your children and youth for our Family Faith Formation programming. Find the link here:

Currently, nursery care is not provided. We are working to have the Nursery open by Febraury. Look for more updates next week!

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