Fun at our picnic!


The nursery provides infants and toddlers through age 4 with a caring atmosphere in which to be creative, to hear stories, to play together, to just look around, or even sleep.  Care from paid staff members is provided from 10:15 until after service.


Children & Youth Faith Formation

On Sunday morning, families begin together in worship at 10:30 AM.  This is a weekly opportunity to share rituals of our faith: singing, lighting the chalice, learning our covenant, and hearing a story with a message for all ages in our church community.  Those remaining in the sanctuary bless our children and youth on the way to their classes around 10:45 AM.  Youth Faith Formation runs September through May, and are one hour in length, ending at 11:45.  Childcare is provided in the nursery every Sunday for little ones ages 0-4.

Programming and Registration for 2019-2020 year will be coming soon.