Through December 2016, each month we posted a congregational newsletter, the nUUz , on our website to keep members and friends informed of church happenings.  After researching our newsletter readership, we decided to replace the monthly newsletter with a 1-page monthly insert in our Order of Worship (distributed at each Sunday Service) to keep members and friends in the loop. Members who do not have internet access may request a paper copy. We will also offer a Reflection each month, from one of our committees or our Board of Trustees. See these below.


February 2017 – Reflections from Hope Sheehan (Member Board of Trustees)

February Holidays to Celebrate

Ahh February… the month of many holidays, where we celebrate Valentines Day, Black History Month, Ground Hogs Day, Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday, aka Presidents’ Day.  We also remember Susan B. Anthony, Abolitionists and tireless advocate for women’s rights born on February 15th. There are many things going on in the world today that quite frankly, would make me and many others want to pull the covers over our heads and say, “Wake me when it is over!”  But our UU values and traditions of social justice begs us to keep moving to over come and to celebrate inclusion!

Every day we have an opportunity to affirm what we believe. We must fearlessly Stand on the Side of Love and when we are courageous others will follow.  Recently, I had an opportunity to travel with some of my brothers and sisters to the Women’s March in Washington DC. A very close friend reached out to me and said…”Hope, with all that is going on right now, I want to stand up somehow, and will you go with me?”  I replied, “Yes! Let’s do this!”  We had to be waitlisted for our seats, but hopeful and determined keeping faith and fingers crossed, we got the text! We got on the blessed bus!  Smashed shoulder to shoulder with our knitted pink hats we triumphantly road all night to Washington DC.  I have been to rallies before, but I was not prepared for what was about to happen.

Texting friends and family in other cities of pictures and support. We embarked on the National Mall. The morning looked busy, but by 2:00PM it looked like an amazing river of many colors, shapes all topped with pink hats! Shoulder to shoulder 7 blocks deep in every direction. So many in number, that they tried to cancel the whole event, but everyone kept moving…singing chanting, supporting each other.

Signs held high, and peacefully we watched mega icons like Madonna, Gloria Steinem, and Angela Davis fearlessly take their power back and invoke that when you show up for one, you show up for all.

And that was my key take away from that experience…when you show up for one group of marginalized people…you show up for everyone.  So in this month of Black History, Valentines Day and the birth of Susan B. Anthony. Remember that the world needs us, and I challenge you to take a risk, lift your voice, fearlessly declare You Stand on the Side of Love!

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