Inspire. Seek. Accept. Deepen. These concepts guide our worship.

We come together on Sundays in person and via Zoom to celebrate shared ministry, build beloved community and explore questions.

Sermons are offered on a variety of topics; we draw from many sources to create a worship service, including music, story, poetry, and meditation. Our UU sources include the wisdom of the world religions, science, personal experiences, and the words and deeds of those who exemplify compassion, justice, and the transforming power of love.

Worship Services & Times

Services are held each Sunday starting at 10:30 a.m. and generally last about an hour.  Join us in our sanctuary or via Zoom (here is the link to our Sunday morning Zoom Worship service) The link becomes active within the hour before the service begins. Follow us on Facebook or send an email to the office if you would like to receive our weekly updates and Zoom invites.

In-person attendees are expected to be vaccinated against Covid-19 if medically eligible. 

Upcoming Sunday services

March 26th — Article II
Chuck Wolfe, our Congregational President, is planning a service around the UUA’s Article II Comission and their proposed changes to the UUA bylaws.

April 2nd — “On the power of resisting together”
A people of resistance involves refusing to comply and demanding change, which requires great courage. But sometimes the most courageous thing is to stop resisting and accept that things just aren’t going to work out the way we hoped. Join us as Kees de Wit shares his thoughts that being a people of resistance is a tricky business and takes multiple forms.

April 9th — “Subway Jesus”
On this Easter Sunday, Marsha Wallace will share a reflection written by the Reverend Kaaren Anderson titled Subway Jesus. The following quote gives you an idea of its theme.
“. . .the message is not- have patience and you’ll get your reward in the sky, just turn your other cheek–it’s something else. The message is join together and learn the needed techniques and let’s create our reward now, let’s resist this system together. In short he was a mobilizer of the least of these. . .I want to suggest that this Jesus is not just the true Jesus of the Bible, but also OUR JESUS! – THE UU JESUS.”

April 16th — Sandi Baker Baron will offer the reflection for our morning worship. Sandi is a retired English and speech teacher, author, motivational speaker, and lives in our Woodhurst neighborhood. She recently published a memoir sharing the racial injustices she and her husband discovered in New Orleans in 1967 when they embarked on their first teaching assignment. To their surprise, the school was an all-Black inner-city school. The book Bridging the Mississippi serves as a model of how cultures can blend rather than clash when participants lean in, learn from each other, and celebrate their uniqueness.