Leadership and Staff

Reverend Christe Lunsford

UUCFW currently has an Interim Minister, Rev. Christe Lunsford. Our congregation appreciates their depth of experience, wisdom, and understanding in leading congregations through transitional times. We will share a ministry with them for two years, with a goal of calling a new settled minister in 2025.

Position Currently Vacant

Congregational Administrator


Gary Amstutz

Gary Amstutz

Music Director


Liam Campbell-Carpenter


The Board of Trustees has posted the position of Congregational Administrator. You can read the job description here. Please feel free to share it with those you feel would be interested. If you are a member that is considering applying, it is recommended you first read this document.

Our 2024 Board of Trustees is comprised of:
Mike Gugel, congregational president; Terri Swim, vice president, Chuck Wolfe, secretary; Nastassia Snaden, treasurer; Brian Mockenhaupt, Natalie Jones and Patty Davis Board members-at-large.

Committee Chairpersons and Team Coordinators
Marsha Wallace, Worship Committee chair
Danny Swim, Buildings and Grounds co-chair
Jim Reeder, Building and Grounds co-chair
Cathie Rowand, Gallery Team chair
Andy Candor, Finance Committee chair
Evan Davis, Endowment Committee chair
Dee Koehl, Stewardship Committee co-chair
Chuck Wolfe, Stewardship Committee co-chair
Melody Ellert, Youth Program coordinator
Victoria Gipson, Care Team coordinator
Chris Tennant, Tech Team coordinator