COVID-19 Pandemic has made this a difficult time for everyone. UUCFW strives to continue to be a Beacon of Peace and Love for our community and will keep helping all of us be together while we are all apart.

It remains important to support this congregation financially. Even though we are not receiving Sunday contributions via the Plate, we are continuing to pay the congregational staff as well as expenses such as the mortgage, insurance, utilities and more.

Five Ways to Donate

We have a variety of ways people can use to support UUCFW financially, some old, some new. Please note that PayPal (linked below) has a 2.9% + .30 transaction fee. Vanco will show you how you can offset the fees for using your credit/debit card. All choices below are great and very much appreciated and there are ZERO fees if you send a check. 🙂

1) Mail a Check

UU Fort Wayne will gladly accept donations sent via check to 5310 Old Mill Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46807.

2) Donate with GivePlus via Vanco

With GivePlus you are able to securely give money via checking account or a debit card. Creating an account is optional but lets you see what you have given in the past. Here is a PowerPoint presentation to walk you through the process.

3) Use GivePlus Mobile App

Download it here for iOS and here for Android. It is named Give+ on iOS.

A video on instructions on how to give on GivePlus Mobile.

4) Use GivePlus Text

Text 833-936-1856 with the dollar amount you wish to give.  The first time you do, it will send you a link to sign up and give payment information.  Watch this video for more information.

5) Donate with PayPal

PayPal is another easy way to give money.